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This week on JMO GETS IT (x)

"I definitely have a strong response to people who come into my life and go like 'I accept you as you and I want you to be the best version of you' and he’s doing that for her.”

"What girl gets to love a true pirate?”

a thousand years


Killian loved Liam first. It should have been his mother, or his father, but he can’t remember his mother at all (though Liam told him once he has her eyes) and he can never turn the feeling of fear and pain and guilt that comes to mind, thinking of Davy Jones abandoning him, into any kind of love. So, then. It was Liam. The brother who carried him from the docks where he was sleeping, a ragged, filthy urchin, onto the Jewel, and into a new world. Loving Liam was order, stability, constancy, good form, and hard work. Loving Liam was adventures, tasting the salt breeze in his lungs, always hungry and always desperately trying to scrounge out more from the meager shipboard rations, Liam catching him and giving him a stern lecture for the benefit of the men but then slipping more to him later that night. Loving Liam was the furious bounce of the lantern in rough seas, the thrill of a clearing sky. Loving Liam was his brother’s proud, adoring smile as he knelt and accepted promotion as a Lieutenant of His Majesty’s Royal Navy. Loving Liam was familiar, comfortable, an answer for every question and a bell for every hour, a tidy whitewashed world of hope and promise.

Losing Liam felt like losing the very ends of the earth themselves.

Loving freedom came next, loving freedom tinged with recklessness. Loving freedom was rising whenever he wanted and sleeping whenever he pleased, tasting rum for the first time, letting it burn on the way down, cursing, strutting, taking advantage of his dark good looks to cheat innkeepers and bed their serving maids, never even bothering to learn their names. Discontented wives or raw girls alike; all of them threw themselves at him, and he saw no point in turning them down. Dice, smoky candlelight, gambling, swords if someone tried to cross him, duels in back alleys, pirate, pirate, pirate. Ordering them to open fire, crimson flag and no quarter given, if they crossed paths with a Navy ship of the line, the shocked looks on the other deck as the Roger closed in near enough to kiss them and slit their throats. They knew him, sometimes. He always made sure to kill those ones personally.

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"I think that, you know, when someone comes into your life…that you have a strong response to that. I definitely have a strong response to people that come into my life and go like, ‘I accept you as you, and I want you to be the best version of you.’ And he’s doing that for her."

Jennifer Morrison on Emma’s romance with Captain Hook [X]

He is both.


I don’t see Hook ever losing his edge.  He will be more kind, less hard edges around Emma, Henry and the Charmings.  But he will never be ‘perfect’.  The snarky comments will always be there, the roguish attitude.  There will be moments that cause his family to eyeroll, and other moments that will catch others off guard because of the kindness/compassion.

Captain Hook and Killian Jones have merged; he is both.